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GRITz Enterprise Technology & Construction offers premium services for movie theaters & residential clients. Our network is the one-stop shop for all your needs. 

Our Services

Commercial Cinema

  • Digital Projection Systems: GRITz Enterprise Technology offers state-of-the-art digital projection systems that deliver stunning image quality and immersive viewing experiences. Their projectors utilize the latest advancements in laser and LED technology, providing bright, vivid images with exceptional clarity and contrast.
  • Audio Solutions: The company also specializes in audio solutions tailored specifically for cinema environments. From surround sound systems to immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, GRITz Enterprise Technology delivers audio experiences that complement the visual spectacle on screen, captivating audiences and bringing movies to life.
  • Content Management Software: GRITz Enterprise Technology provides comprehensive content management software designed to streamline theater operations and enhance efficiency. Their software enables theater owners to easily schedule screenings, manage digital content, and monitor equipment performance, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance.
  • Seating and Comfort Solutions: Recognizing the importance of comfort in the moviegoing experience, GRITz Enterprise Technology offers a range of seating solutions designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic support. From luxurious recliners to stadium-style seating arrangements, their seating options cater to the diverse preferences of moviegoers while maximizing seating capacity for theater owners.
  • Consulting and Integration Services: In addition to their product offerings, GRITz Enterprise Technology provides consulting and integration services to help cinemas optimize their technology infrastructure. Their team of experts works closely with theater owners to assess their needs, design tailored solutions, and seamlessly integrate new technologies into existing environments.


Drive-In Theaters

Home Theater

                                    A home theater is the ultimate luxury addition to any home. Nows the perfect time to build the entertainment space youve always dreamed of! And who better to do it than a company with decades of experience designing and installing commercial cinemas? Let us bring the movies to you.

The perfect gathering place for family and friends, a private theater is the ultimate luxury addition to any home. More than just an additional entertainment option, there are plenty of reasons you should consider investing in a home theater.

Nows the perfect time to build out the home theater youve always dreamed of!

Special Events

                                   Whether you need qualified technicians to run the show, need to rent equipment, or just need a consultation, we are proud to represent all interests of the Hollywood film community at premieres, screenings, film festivals, and other special events.

Screenings, premieres, film festivals are an important part of the motion picture industry. With their many moving parts, producing one of these events is a considerable undertaking, and selecting a capable A/V partner is crucial to their success.

Major film studios and other high-profile industry clients have relied on us for all of their technical needs for decades. Our experience in providing this service is second to none